The groundwork of all happiness is good health” Leigh Hunt

HealthPay Inc. formerly known as Calpion HealthIT is a leading Healthcare Management Services organization with a global reach and premise. Our corporate headquarters is based out of Dallas, Texas with offices in Bangalore and Chennai, India.

A pioneer in the area of medical billing and coding services, we have garnered all pertinent certifications and recognitions for our reliable and consistent delivery model. Our clients include physicians, practices, medical billing and insurance companies in the United States.

We are a one-stop-shop for all medical back-office services that include:

  • HIPAA compliant medical billing services,
  • Healthcare revenue cycle management
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Co-sourced medical coding services
  • Medical records indexing
  • Insurance eligibility verifications
  • Physician credentialing and
  • Data conversions

We follow a good scalable, dependable business model that is aided by an experienced team and SMEs who have extensive domain knowledge and expertise. With each undertaken project, we tend to focus our energies on our client requisites by employing the latest technology and know how in all services that we offer. We strictly adhere to all compliance norms, regulations practices and security in our offshore services and offer round-the-clock support and consequently enable our clients to focus on their practices and operations. In a way, we indirectly contribute to maximizing our client’s revenue quotients, streamlining their operations and thus aid in advancing their existing potentials and businesses.