Case Studies

Specialties Process(s) Software(s)
Family Practice, Pain Management, General Practice, Internal Medicine, Urgent care, Gynecologist, Psychiatry End To End Billing & Coding Medisoft, E-Clinical, PrognoCIS, OfficeAlly and Practice Choice
Multi-Specialty End-to-End  Billing & Coding E-Cinical & Medisoft
Emergency Care Demo / Charge & Cash Posting & Coding Medisoft
Ophthalmology, Family Practice, Orthopedic Cash posting MicroMD
Occupational Therapy Accounts Receivable Medisoft
Family Med; Cardiology End-to-End  Billing & Coding Abstraction Allscripts PM
Cardiology Charge entry NextGen
Physical Therapy Accounts Receivable Medisoft
Pain management, Family medicine Insurance verification, PIP & 3rd party, Attorney AR reports, DOL( Department of labour) retro auth, Tens unit authorization MicroMD & Touch chart
Chiropractic & Physical therapy Insurance verification Verification form ( No software)
Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Insurance verification Clinic controller
Radiology Insurance verification Centricity