Charge Entry

Charge entry process is the most critical and important feature of the medical billing cycle where the claims are actually created. All the important details and inputs that should be entered for claims processing and approval should be entered in the approved manner and error-free. The details include patient details, physician details, the insurance coverage entitlement and billing information. In the business of medical billing management and undertaking, this is an important feature and the most sensitive section in the billing cycle.

For all successful claim filings and approvals, it is the charge entry personnel who should be credited for entering all the details correctly against the said parameters. As insurance claims payments are determined based on the charge entries filed, even one wrong code or entry can terminate the claim efforts. As per the process, individual patient accounts are created keeping in mind aspects like ethnicity, age, name, address and other immediate details.

Benefits of Charge Entry:

  1. Improve the productivity of the medical practice while engaging in charge entry processes.
  2. The process can either be given to an outside agency or outsourced, to experienced organizations who would engage in the latest software or technology to ease the process.
  3. With the aid of the latest software, standard fee lists and schedules can be set up as against the patient’s eligibility and insurance permissible contracts. So as the person is entering the charges, the software determines the fee or charge for the relevant service.
  4. To avoid repetitive entries, errors and wrong inputs, creating or formulating all the services and specialties with relevant codes and indicators can prove very beneficial and thus reduces the redundancy. The relevant codes for all the medical procedures, specialties’ and services track all the claim submissions and thus streamline the process to gain better more effective results.
  5. With codes, regulations and standards always changing, charge entry personnel and the software will aid in making the changes immediately on claims submitted or to be submitted by erasing existing data and thus eliminating denials or claim rejections. They will follow all the stringent procedures and validations in place as per the code sequencing and compliance.
  6. Employing a good tracker system where the patient details, time and date of visit, claims submission, coding, billing can all be tracked with an effective system and thus we are in control of the whole billing process and we have a good insight into the whole cyclical process.
  7. All co-payments made by patients can be captured well in the charge entry process. Thus when billing, the co-pay charges are automatically entered and missed co-payments are tracked.
  8. All additional, unexpected or special medical service entries can also be made in the charge-entry billing process.

The Charge Entry process involves:

  • Patient Registration

  • Properly enter demographics, charges and payments posted

  • Multi-specialty charge entries

  • Canceling/changing of all claims before submission for lesser denials and nonpayment or underpayments

  • Verifying of all payments to reduce mistakes and ease the conciliation process

  • Secondary payer billing

  • Posting and managing the claim denials

  • Processing of adjustments and bill write-offs

At HealthPay Inc.:

  • Entering the correct patient details is the basic, key element and the most important aspect.

  • Our Charge Entry specialists enter the charges and other inputs based on the existing norms and medical billing regulations.

  • The extensive steps and processes we follow in the charge entry process ensure that we leave no margin for any errors or mistakes.

  • All the assigned charges are based on the corresponding codes

  • Our experienced team is familiar with all the HIPAA recognized and followed medical coding systems like HCPCS, CPT and ICD-9.

  • We follow account-specific rules, and strictly adhere to relevant compliances so as to avert any threats or errors.

  • Absolute HIPAA compliant process and remote access solution keeps data in your control.

  • Seamless and rapid conversion to our software operating systems.

  • You can avail an improved cash-flow, quicker payments.

  • Clients’ can experience improved cash-flow, faster payments and good customer satisfaction.

  • Better customer satisfaction.

  • Your total cost savings are comparable when compared to your existing expenditure.

  • Save up to 40% as compared to your existing costs.

  • By engaging our services, we can help augment your revenue by sending out error-free charge entries.

  • Entries are made as per the specialty, insurance company and location.

  • We offer a quick turnaround time for all charge entries and it is usually within one business day.

  • Some of the software that our experienced employees engage in for the medical billing process are Misys Tiger, Medtopia, Medisoft, Raintree, Next Gen, Kareo, Medical Manager etc.

  • We have a pre-defined account and client specific rules pertaining to charge entries for different treatments, procedures and medical specialties which do reduces the errors margin.

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