Comprehensive Information Security

Information Security which is also known as data security is one of the main priorities or parameters that HealthPay Inc. takes into consideration when conducting business. All security concerns, issues, loopholes and apprehensions are taken into consideration and viewed very seriously.

A high-level privacy standards quotient, regular audits, checks and data monitoring, compliance measures ensuring strict forms of physical, network, employee and data security measures are in place.

Here is a brief on the comprehensive information security measures we have enforced in our workplace:

  1. Once recruited, all our staff members sign NDAs and confidentiality agreements before they are assigned to any project.

  2. Security tests, audits and monitoring are ongoing and constant and are visible at all levels within the organization.

  3. A heads up to clients’ is always in place if there are any issues, breaches or we foresee a problem or concern.

  4. Information backup is carried out on an everyday basis.

  5. Our experienced IT personnel are constantly reviewing, manning existing security policy framework and also updating software and ensuring round-the-clock servicing.

  6. With regard to Information security and other in-house protocols, all employees existing as well as the newer staff are given constant training, giving them an insight into the importance of securing sensitive data and information.

  7. Employees are not encouraged or allowed to carry any device within the premise. Also all our computer systems are foolproof with no external drives and therefore no data can be transferred or copied.

  8. The latest software, adequate firewall protection and ongoing antivirus protections are enabled.

  9. Sound internet connectivity with good network cabling is provided.

  10. Latest encrypted data storage and servers are provided.

  11. System passwords as well as multi-level password systems are in place when accessing and processing sensitive information.

  12. Access to all areas of the shop floor is restricted and is allowed only on a need basis.

  13. A good security surveillance system aided by security personnel and equipments are in place.

  14. In case of any natural calamity or an unexpected event, we do have a preset business continuity arrangement in place.

  15. Thorough power backup and solutions in the event of an outage are in place.