Conversion of Data

Data conversion is basically transferring or converting any computer or manual data from one form to another. Data or information can be programmed in many ways. If any of the data variables have to undergo a change, then the data should be converted in a pre-determined way so the same can be accessed and maintained by all the intended parties.

Data conversion can be a simple or complex process depending on the data structure, type and volume and the methods followed for sorting and recording under different categories. As the name indicates, the changes made would entail converting data from one particular physical format to another. This is undertaken more for ease of use, recording and future referencing.

Data conversion is a protracted, time-consuming process. The process entails the usage of the latest software technology and also requires specialists to handle the job. While it is easy to eliminate data, adding data is a long-drawn process. So in order to avoid any human errors, it is best to match the source information to the intended data.

Data conversions can happen in many ways. Either it is done internally within the practice or healthcare facility or the same can be outsourced to companies who specialize in medical billing processes. When entailing the help of an external agency, you can choose to have either a speedy full-scale data conversion within a time period or a sustained ongoing data conversion.

The data conversions process and categorization should be discussed before embarking on the task. The basic requisites the client should provide the company would be patient demographic details like the Patient Information Form, insurance data, a copy of front and back side of the insurance card, insurance verification form, CPT or charge information and ICD9 diagnosis information.

At HealthPay Inc. the data conversion services offered would be:

  • The broad categories for data conversion would be new patient, existing patient details, inactive patients, returns or recovery identified patients etc.

  • We have the services and the required software tools that would aid in analyzing, extracting and converting all your healthcare data from the existing system to the new system.

  • We offer the support and project management assistance in all the efforts required in accurately converting all your data.

  • Currently, there are many codes available for ICD-10. The existing data like documents, spreadsheets and enterprise systems need to be converted from ICD-9 to ICD-10. The solutions that we offer would easily help facilitate this type of data conversion.

  • The data that we have collected can in turn be employed at your facility for reporting, used as a tracker, analyzer, clinical integration practice and reporting etc.

  • If you are changing your billing systems, or if you are thinking of recording all your existing old data, to avoid duplicate data entries then we are your best bet.

  • For your healthcare facility’s effectual performance, it is advisable to migrate from your existing methodology to our new, technologically advanced software system.

  • In cases where we cannot transfer data from your existing system to the new software migration, then we do a manual data conversion.

  • We will organize your data in a way that it is well-arranged and easily accessible.

  • Our comprehensive services when combined with our knowhow and experienced personnel does give us a great leverage in the industry.