Data Security Conformity

What is Data Security?

Data security is also referred to as Information Security. Provisioning, protecting and ensuring absolute privacy so as to prevent any loss of data or information is what Data Security is synonymous with.

Conforming to and providing utmost data security is the priority of any organization especially in the healthcare segment. Absolute data security is imperative when it comes to healthcare data, records and information.

HealthPay Inc. ensures that all sensitive, vital and important data pertaining to your Practice, patients and healthcare facility is secure with us. We are compliant with all the existing regulations and practices and we follow stringent security measures, procedures and processes for a foolproof delivery of all the work we undertake on behalf of the client.

The steps taken include:

The nature of business is such that we focus on all compliances and security measures. 

Physical Security

  • Round-the-clock security manning and deployment

  • CCTVs and cameras are strategically installed to enable continued monitoring of the staff and office floor

  • Dedicated bays or zones earmarked for each of our clients on the shop floor

  • Ensuring state-of-the-art access and swiping systems

  • Shredding and disposing of any important data material on paper

Data Security

    1. Unique user identification system to access records
    2. Legally binding Confidentiality Clauses and Nondisclosure Agreements are entered into with the clients, personnel and any other third-party who are engaged in the business operations
    3. Making the data completely foolproof by:

      • Dedicated, individual employee and network login IDs for accessing the systems
      • Latest, updated antivirus protection
      • Social media, popular sites and personal e-mail accesses are limited or blocked
      • Folder-level security access to the Servers is given based on assignment, project, official hierarchy, requirement and necessity
    4. Remote, secure login provided to clients

    5. Encryption and Decryption of valuable data

    6. Dependable Password management system

    7. Audit control, monitoring and reporting

    8. Regular data backup and updations