HealthPay Inc. is one of the leading medical billing and coding services company with offices in different geographies. We started operations in 2004 and we have completed more than a decade in servicing our clientele from different facets of the healthcare industry.

With HealthPay Inc. the benefits are aplenty and the same are listed below:

  • Because we work in different time zones across different geographies, the time-difference has proven to be extremely beneficial.
  • The advantages of lesser TAT for processing claims and submitting bills and receipts reaffirm the quote,time is money.’
  • Work can be easily transitioned, assigned and delivered. Our qualified in-house team work with the latest software and technology and with our comprehensive training and guidance, the project deadlines are met with relative ease.
  • With experienced personnel on board, we can attend to the work of different clients and take on newer projects too.
  • Our work process strategies are formulated factoring data security concerns, disaster management, and loss of data or delays due to unforeseen events.
  • We are HIPAA and ISO compliant and a simple one stop for insurance verification eligibility and benefits.
  • We can help reduce your medical billing costs, reduce payer denials and boost your revenues.
  • All claims that we receive are processed and submitted within a 24-hour window.
  • All claims are followed-up for faster dispensation.
  • Automated claims generation and electronic submission processing are part of our services.