The basic definition of Compliance is “a body or an organization that defines a procedure or methodology that follows a set of rules, guidelines and stipulations.” This could also be an established law or legislation that has to be adhered to for any given domain or sector. Therefore, when it comes to the Healthcare sector, the all pervasive and important, HIPAA Act, which is the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 has a dedicated Compliance section, that determines the regularization of all healthcare-connected information systems.

Therefore, acknowledging the importance of Compliance, and keeping this aspect in mind, HealthPay Inc. has put in place a lot of systems and procedures to be compliant to all the required norms and regulations. We have detailed out the importance of the organization’s adherence to HIPAA. In addition, the ISO 27001 compliance features and the organization’s sensitive data compliance attributes have also been featured in this section.