HealthPay Inc. is a decade old company formerly known asCalpion HealthIT, which was then a subsidiary of Calpion Inc. After we branched out into our own as a full-fledged enterprise, we were rechristened asHealthPay Inc.

We are pioneers in the healthcare-oriented back office operations and services.

We have clients from various healthcare facilities, practices, hospitals and companies. We offer an extensive range of services to all our global clientele who are based in different continents and countries. When we started out, we were a fledgling outfit but we have grown steadfastly because of our consistent and dependable service and result-oriented approach.

When we started out, we had a small client base and started out with only a few healthcare back office services. Gradually, with increased experience, know how, growing number of clients and client references and appreciation we added more services to our ever-growing repertoire.

Today, our offices situated both in the US and in India when coupled with our services, strong infrastructure, the best in technology and software, foolproof data and information security and experienced workforce and specialists in our team are the additives and combined attractive features that add up to being a formidable force and we are constantly in the reckoning.

Our corporate philosophy and culture does endorse the quote, “When it comes to the customer, there is no room for second-guessing.”