Infrastructure Zone

Your Healthcare Data Will Be Safe and Secure.

We at HealthPay Inc. pay a great deal of attention to our infrastructure and communication networking. As we are in the business of dealing with sensitive and insightful data, any discrepancy, error, leak, hacking into or stealing of data can prove to be extremely detrimental to both our clients and us. This can result in a major trust deficit and can affect our sustained, continued relationships with our clients as any form of breach can affect both our businesses.

Data security which is also referred to as information security is our critical focus area. We have installed state-of-the-art infrastructure in terms of networks, backup options, software, advanced technology, sound power backup solutions, secure VPN access, high-speed fiber optic cabling and routers, good, speedy internet connectivity, solid foolproof encryption systems and good telecommunication support.

In terms of the physical security infrastructure, we have installed round-the-clock supervision both in terms of people and adequate surveillance equipments. When hiring new employees, we do run a background check in terms of their education and work experience and other aspects. We also train and inform our employees the importance of data security. We monitor, conduct audits and check their work regularly and periodically. We also have all our employees sign NDAs and confidentiality documents. With regard to information access, we have encrypted passwords and level-based access control and not everybody have access to all levels of information and also other client information other than the projects they have been specifically assigned to. Internet access is restricted and some site accesses especially private e-mails are blocked.

Our infrastructure and network capabilities speak for itself and clients can be rest assured that they are doing business with a reliable and dependable organization.