Medical Billing

Medical Coding

We provide high quality, accurate medical coding outsourcing services. We have a team of AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) certified medical coding specialists and they strictly adhere to Insurance and Government Regulations. Our medical coding team is well versed in ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT coding, and HCPCS codes across various specialties.

Our medical coding team at our offshore center in Chennai accesses scanned patient medical records and other related information that are sent by the clients through a secured network using VPN connections. After the review and scrutiny of the documents for accuracy, completeness and readability, the documents are split into batches and the Diagnosis Codes, Procedure Codes and Modifiers are assigned to the documents as per the client’s specifications and requirements.

Charge Entry

Our Medical Billing professionals enter charges based on standard medical billing rules pertaining to each specialty, insurance carrier and the location. The charges are created within agreed turnaround times – generally 24 hours. Our charge entry team is well trained to work with numerous medical billing software packages like Misys Tiger, Medtopia, Medisoft, Raintree, Next Gen, Kareo, Medical Manager etc., to name a few. We can work with your billing software too.

Payment Posting

Payments received from patients & insurance companies are posted to the patients accounts in the client’s medical billing system. The posted payments are balanced against the deposit slips to ensure accuracy in payment. The payment posters also check for any under payment being made to the accounts. We also do electronic posting of payments in to the medical billing software and ensure that the EOB files are stored for future references.

Denial Management

Our team will make sure you get paid.

Our dedicated team of denial management experts does strong analysis of the denied and under paid claims to determine the reason behind the denial or under payment. Corrective measures are taken on the basis of the analysis and without any time delay; the claims are re-submitted for acceptance of the insurance provider

After re-submission, the denial management team does regular follow-up of the claims with the insurance provider to know the status and speed-up the payment.

The team sends regular status reports to our clients and maintains record of such claims for future references while ensuring that the documentation guidelines are always followed and special requirements like referrals, authorizations and ABNs are in place and no denials occur due to the violation of these standards.

Accounts Receivable Management And Follow Up

Collection of the receivables is essential to any medical practice but is not an easy task. We employ various professional and efficient methods to recover the receivables and also excels in converting aged AR receivables in to collections by doing effective follow-up with insurance providers. A dedicated team does follow- up with patients to get missing patient information by sending emails, notices or making phone calls. We aim at improving our client’s account receivables turn-around time thereby increasing cash flows and improving profitability. We continuously strive to nullify bad debts and increase medical billing collections. Our accounts receivable management solutions also include optional services:

  • Handling of Refunds
  • Secondary Claims Filing
  • Insurance and Patient Follow-up
  • Handle Appeals for contested claims
  • Generate and mail patient statements
  • Indexing of documents to the patient accounts
  • Prepare Customized management reports
  • Customized Performance Management Reports

With medical billing, it is essential to keep track of the performance. We provide customized performance management reports to our clients on a monthly basis that is a complete analysis of their practice which gives a perfect picture of how the practice performs and identifies the procedures that is more profitable for them.

Periodic review of the performance is helpful for our clients in self estimation and enhancing the practice accordingly. The reports are system generated and well analyzed by our special team of business performance analysts.

The reports are specific to the client’s requirements so that they get customized reports of their choice.

Our complete revenue cycle management solutions provide competitive edge to our clients over their competitors by reducing their operational costs up to 50% and facilitating incremental revenue.

We save you money while increasing your revenue.

Patient Registration

Subsequent to an appointment at the doctor’s office, we facilitate patient registration by collecting and verifying the patient demographics and incase the patient is already registered in the medical billing system, new information is verified with the existing data and changes are updated.

The process of Patient Registration is enumerated as below :

  • Receipt of Patient’s Information from clients
  • Verification and validation of Patient’s Information
  • Registration of Patient in the billing system.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

  • In case of issues regarding a patient’s eligibility, we inform the client immediately
  • Update the billing system with eligibility and verification details such as member ID, group ID, coverage period, and co-pay information and other benefit information.
  • Verify patient’s insurance coverage with primary and secondary payers by making calls to the payers and checking through their authorized online insurance portals. Contact patients for additional information, if required
  • Receive Schedules of patients via EDI, email or fax or check them every day in the appointment scheduling software.

We Save you Money While We Increase your Revenue.

HealthPay Inc’s primary purpose is to help your medical practice work more efficiently, save money, and make more money. Our trained healthcare business operations staff can perform your medical back office work at a lower cost than you can do yourself. As contract partners, you save payroll taxes on personnel working your accounts. Additionally, the money you pay for our healthcare billing, verifications, collections, and other back office services is tax deductible to you as a business expense. And finally, while you save money on personnel cost and with taxes, you will see a marked increase in your healthcare operations efficiency and revenue coming in to your office.

HealthPay Inc’s back office healthcare / medical billing, verifications, and collections personnel will save you money and make you money.