Medical Coding

Medical categorization or medical coding is the method of converting medical diagnoses reports and dealings into a collective list of assigned medical code numbering. In medical coding the detailed patient record information is summarized and apt codes are assigned.

Medical coding is a specialization in the healthcare industry. In this key component of the medical billing segment, all established and specialized coders review all the claims, and any pertinent documentation that has to be eventually submitted for claims processing. Identifying the different sections and accordingly, simplifying the process by assigning codes for each function, disease, treatment or service availed is followed. When claims are submitted, these codes are beneficial as it acts as a good tracking system to track the different sicknesses and its treatments. Accordingly, befitting reimbursements and payments are approved in accordance to what is listed in the patient record. The data contained in these codes can be further used for research, programs, diagnoses and increase the focus on healthcare and its benefits.

For Medical coding process, engage the services of HealthPay Inc. and the advantages of doing business with us is detailed below:

  1. The process begins with us accessing patient charts and records. The data can be transferred online or electronically, as we have secure VPN access and servers.
  2. The next stage is pre-coding stage, where the relevant codes are keyed in based on the insurance companies, sicknesses, physicians, diagnoses and other procedures. All our employees are established and experienced coders and have a thorough knowhow of the coding process.
  3. Our AAPC team certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders is a proficient medical coding professionals’ team well-versed in the pertinent ICD and CPT coding as against the HIPAA regulated compliance features. Also ICD-9-CM, LMRP, CPT Assistant and HCPCS Level II medical coding aspects are assigned and keyed in according to the pre-determined coding system.
  4. Thorough and exhaustive quality checks are in place for all the medical coding processes undertaken by us. Our experts conduct periodic, regular, intensive checks for errors and absolute accuracy.
  5. Once the codes are entered, we send it out to our clients for verification and claims processing too. The coding is sent electronically.
  6. After project submission, we value our client feedback and any process changes or comments are taken into consideration and we implement it on our end.
  7. Clients can experience a good operational cost savings.
  8. Accurate medical coding and error-free documentation is a highlight.
  9. Experienced medical coders, who follow best practices for medical coding and are CCT, certified specialists.

The multi-specialty medical coding services that we render codes for are:

  • Pediatrics, pediatric neurology and nephrology

  • Urgent care and emergency room visits

  • Endocrinology

  • Cardiology

  • Radiology

  • Psychiatry

  • Gastroenterology

  • Orthopedics

  • Internal medicine

  • Rheumatology

  • Chiropractors

  • Physical therapy

  • Nursing assistance

  • Ambulance services

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