Medical Specialties

Allergy & Immunology

Medical Billing for Allergy, Immunology and ENT professionals is highly complex and requires trained professionals to help ensure accurate and timely reimbursement.

Among individual insurance companies, allergy testing and serum reimbursements are treated differently, requiring an increased vigilance of billing and payment changes. If your practice accepts Medicare, then the applicable rules for governing serum billing are completely different. Any mistake or errors in the billing process can result in incurring heavy fines from CMS.

We provide customized medical billing services to Allergy, Immunology and ENT Practices.

Anesthesia & Pain Management

Anesthesia billing differs from all other medical specialties. It includes time unit calculations, anesthesia specific modifiers as well as concurrency. Sometimes, medical direction nuances frequently leave practices under-qualified and understaffed to bill effectively. These complexities when combined with declining payments, increasing patient responsibility and operational costs demand efficient and accurate billing to maximize reimbursement.

Our team of Certified Medical Coders and billing experts will manage all aspects of your medical billing, including common documentation shortfalls such as time-based visits which help to ensure your practice receives good and proper compensation for all services rendered.

We provide customized medical billing services to Anesthesiologists and Pain Management Practices.


Cardiology billing is complex and requires high-level experience and knowledge for appropriate coding, modifier applications and general medical billing procedures. Billing specifics such as checking medical necessity verification, selective and non-selective cauterization coding, component coding etc. require ever increasing levels of billing expertise and efficiency.

We provide customized medical billing services to Cardiology Practices.


The collective experience of our team spans over 10-12 years in chiropractic billing. We will work alongside your practice to help identify and spot problem areas like modifier applications and thus educate your practice on the best-in-class chiropractic medical billing practices and procedures.

Accuracy is essential for correct reimbursement. This will help protect chiropractors from both malpractice and litigation suits.

We provide customized medical billing services to Chiropractors.


Medical billing for dermatology professionals is vastly complex and requires highly trained staff to help ensure accurate and timely reimbursement. From simple lesion removals to complex skin grafts, dermatology billers face unique challenges in the struggle and constant efforts to keep the practice’s revenue flowing. From ensuring every allergen is accounted for, to avoiding scratch and patch test underpayments, our core team of medical billing specialties is well-versed in ICD9 codes, CPT codes and HCOCS coding specific to dermatology and have high proficiency in medical terminology, skin disease processes and pharmacology. From elective cosmetic procedures to the sale of skincare products, our team will manage all aspects of your dermatology practice’s billing in order to help ensure that you receive proper compensation for services rendered.

We provide customized medical billing services to Dermatologists.

Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine presents a unique set of challenges for medical billing. High-volume and fast paced, emergency medicine encompasses elements of Primary Care, Diagnostic Testing, Evaluation and Management services as well as Trauma Services. Medical billing for emergency medicine includes multi-code surgical procedures as well as diagnostic testing. Documentation must be precise and accurate coding and billing is critical.

We provide customized medical billing services to ER Physicians.


Accurate medical billing and coding for gastroenterology is challenging and requires a great level of knowledge to ensure maximum reimbursement. These challenges include billing for colorectal cancer screenings vs. colonoscopies, motility and GI Function studies, documenting proper levels of evaluation and management services.

We provide customized medical billing services to Gastroenterologists.

Mental Health

Mental health services comprise one of the widest scopes in healthcare, encompassing patients of all ages, socioeconomic groups as well as services provided. Practitioners administer care to patients with all types of acute and chronic, mental and social health issues, including those categorized as serious mental illness. Services are often rendered in multiple facilities and locations and coverage for diagnosis and treatment vary widely as per both the State and Payor guidelines.

Medical billing for mental health professionals is complex and time-consuming requiring trained staff to ensure accurate and timely reimbursement.

We provide customized medical billing services to Psychiatrists and Mental Health practices.


Nephrology medical billing is extremely complex and requires dedicated resources to manage, understand and navigate ever-changing federal guidelines and insurance requirements. Inadequate and incorrect documentation often result in costly errors, denied or misadjudicated claims and on occasion can expose a practice to RAC audits and legal proceedings.

Medical billing companies must be fully versed with the nuances of Nephrology billing. Right from billing for monthly maintenance for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis to appending appropriate procedural modifiers should be covered.

We provide customized medical billing services to Nephrologists.


Oncology practices face reimbursement reductions, frequent coding changes, evolving compliance rules and payor ignorance regarding the latest technology. Unprofitable chemo & non-chemo drug reimbursement, negative payment margin on drug purchases and complex coding and billing requirements seriously erode practice revenue. Coding and medical billing errors such as the misuse of modifiers to identify services, treatment or improper documentation frequently lead to denied and misadjudicated claims.

We provide customized medical billing services to Oncology practices.


Orthopedic billing is complicated and covers a wider scope of services and procedures when compared to most medical specialties. Payor-specific rules and guidelines, combined with arcane and complex billing codes often leave many practices under qualified and underpaid. From orthopedic implants and payor-specific coverage policies to rules pertaining to PLC construction and arthroscopies, our core team of medical billing specialists is well-versed in the ICD-9, CPT and post-op modifiers specific to orthopedic billing.

We provide customized medical billing services to Orthopedic Surgeons and Orthopedic Practices.

Primary Care

Primary care offers the widest scope in healthcare. This includes patients from various demographics, age groups, socio-economic levels as well as a range of services provided. Physicians provide care to patients with all types of acute and chronic physical, mental and social health issues, including multiple chronic diseases. As a result, a primary care practitioner must possess immense knowledge in multiple areas of treatment provided. Whether the physician is administering vaccinations, reporting E/M services, treating a cold or providing smoking cessation education, you need to be well-versed to bill virtually for any condition.

From a single practitioner, rural health facilities to large multi-practitioner groups, our team will work with your practice to identify problem areas such as the correct use of modifiers and educate your practice on best-in-class medical billing practices and procedures.

We provide customized medical billing services to Family and Internal Medicine Practices.


Urology medical billing is highly complex and ever-changing. Dealing with declining payments, increasing patient responsibility and increased operational costs require efficient and accurate medical billing procedures. Payor differences in the infusion immunotherapy treatment, postoperative complications, urodynamics etc. leave practices under qualified and frequently understaffed to bill effectively.

We provide customized medical billing services to Urologists.


Our team has good expertise in neurology billing and this expertise can generate significant value for your medical practice. Medical billing is a critical service that supports neurologists by submitting claims and collecting payments from insurance companies and patients. Medical billing specialists need to be experts in neurology billing to guarantee that the claims are paid in full and promptly.

We provide customized medical billing services to Neurologists.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) is an area of medicine that deals with the treatment of physical limitations to prohibit onset (slow the progression) of the patient’s disability, as well as the impairments after an injury or illness. Physical medicine and rehabilitation treatments and therapies are usually undertaken over a period of time.

Medical Billing PMR

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation billing is a straightforward billing practice that involves the charges that a medical facility charges for their physical medicine and rehabilitation services. In spite of being a simple and straightforward billing practice, PM&R billing practices has been subject to multiple audits due to the very nature of its services.

We provide customized medical billing services to PM&R Practices.

Here are a few other specialties that we also serve:

  • General Practices

  • Ophthalmology

  • Pediatrics

  • Radiology

  • Urgent Care

  • Hospitalists