Patient Registration

What is Patient Registration?

For any patient who is availing health benefits and services, a registration process is mandatory either at the healthcare facility or a medical practice or even a clinic. The process entails these steps:

  1. Basic details like the name, DOB, telephone number, SSN number, address, gender, age, demographics and insurance coverage or eligibility are collected.

  2. Entering the registration details into a system or database.

  3. Before keying in the details, a check or verification is made in the database repository to see if the patient is previously registered or has already been registered and checking on information matches.

  4. If previously registered, the details are confirmed and updated accordingly.

  5. If an identifier has already been issued, then applying the same or a fresh one is allocated.

  6. This identifier will distinctively recognize the patient at a clinic, medical practice, or a hospital. All patients would be given a distinct unique identifier within the record or database in which they are listed.

Why Register?

The actual aim of patient registration is to make sure that the present, past and potential healthcare accounts pertain to the correct patient.

With patient registration, a good link is established between the patient’s details and all other office and related facilities information as in the lab, financial, medical and the clerical sections. With proper patient registration, the information database becomes more streamlined. If a correct unique identifier is assigned to a patient and all the details entered are accurate, then there can be no duplicate registrations in the system and the services and treatment offered to the patient are seamless and appropriate.

Who to Register?

All types or categories of patients like outpatients, inpatients, newborns, community patients, booked patients, unidentified patients, patients whose identification details are restricted, expecting patients, patients going into labor, patients who come in only for lab tests, patients of any disaster, patients who are DOA, critical condition patients, stillbirths or infant mortality, patient groups, organ donors etc.

All patients who are eligible for any prescribed healthcare service, or have insurance coverage, or who are proposing to avail of a service or medical procedure, should be registered in the system or database and assigned a patient identifier.

Registration Information

A patient registration process is an important step before availing any service in a hospital, clinic, medical practice or any healthcare facility. It is very simple and quick when all the relevant information that is sought is entered in the patient’s medical record.

There are three levels of information requested when it comes to patient registration:

    1. A set minimum data is required

    2. The desirable ‘core’ data element is mandatory

    3. Any form of extra information, if deemed necessary

Patient Registration Checklist:

      1. All the relevant personal details of the patient like name, birth date, address, contact information, SSN number, demographics, insurance coverage information, insurance card individual or the person under whom the coverage is listed, MRN number etc.

      2. The reason for the hospital or clinic visit

      3. Details of any pre-determined tests or procedures/treatment to be undergone

      4. Special requirements, if any

      5. If injured or hurt, then details pertaining to that like date, address, location etc. need to be furnished

      6. Medication either over-the-counter or prescription medications list

      7. Vaccination details and dates

      8. List of any known allergies or allergic reactions

      9. Organ donation information, if registered for the same

      10. On the appointment day, arrive on time; follow all prescribed guidelines with regard to food or water intake

Requirements for Registration

Registration should be made for procedures, treatment, day surgery, pre-admission tests, short stay care, labor, OB-GYN services, investigations, pathology and lab tests, radiology tests and any outpatient treatments.

At HealthPay Inc. the process of Patient Registration is itemized as below:

    • After a patient’s appointment in a physician’s office, a medical record and patient registration process is initiated.

    • The same is completed after all the personal patient details, the required information is collected and verified and entered into the system.

    • If there is any existing patient data, if there is new information, any changes or it requires any changes or updates, then we undertake all of that.

    • We seek complete patient details and info from our clients’.

    • Substantiation and corroboration of the patient’s information.

    • Registering the Patient in the billing structure.

Work Flow

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