Quality Processes

When it comes to ‘Quality’, there is no middle ground. At HealthPay Inc. there is no concession or conciliation in maintaining and pursuing set standards of quality in all our undertaken processes and practices.

In our pursuit to maintain and offer quality services we:

  1. Surpass client outlook by offering and maintaining on-time ‘quality’ services

  2. Our industry compliant deliverables are error-free and offered at very viable pricing structure

  3. We strive towards being dependable and constant and thus earn client confidence by offering quality services with the greatest value

  4. We thoroughly appraise and review all existing claims before submission, so as to reduce miscalculations and bring down chance of denials

  5. Maintain an evaluation log for coding and billing claims which acts as a ready reckoner. We use it to track all claims advice, reasons for denial and thus increase revenue via refunds

  6. A monthly billing review meet is organized and all members assigned to the client or project attend the meeting so as to analyze, assess and also update any changes or additions made to the existing regulations

  7. Ongoing monitoring, auditing and checking on existing processes to improve the services quality

  8. Periodical review and assessment of the existing policy network so as to better or improve all existing processes

  9. Maintain a great degree of transparency and clarity in all levels of communication within the organization

  10. Offering training programs, motivating staff members and thus achieving goals and milestones

  11. In the medical coding services that we offer, we follow shadow processing audits of work undertaken, frequently report, review and conduct tests

  12. Our reporting and feedback mechanism is well thought-out. We incorporate our client responses, opinions, questions into our existing framework and thus lay out the grounds for a good quality assurance in place

  13. Our steadfast compliance to HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and other compliance standards with respect to safeguarding patient record information and its transmission is evident in our services